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Syntax Intro

Let's get started with some basic Python syntax. Click on a lesson below to start.

12 lessons — 50mn
  • 01Comments
  • 02Print
  • 03Strings
  • 04Variables
  • 05Numbers
  • 06Arithmetic Operators
  • 07Addition & Subtraction
  • 08Multiplication & Division
  • 09Modulo
  • 10Exponents
  • 11Concatenation
  • 12Multiline Strings


Let's get started with some basic Python syntax. Click on a lesson below to start.

12 lessons — 50mn
  • 21Lists Intro
  • 22List Data Types
  • 23Empty Lists
  • 24List Methods - Append
  • 25List Methods - Remove
  • 26List Methods - Plus (+)
  • 27Accessing List Elements
  • 28Accessing List Elements - Negative Index
  • 29Modifying List Elements
  • 30Two-Dimensional (2D) Lists
  • 31Accessing 2D Lists
  • 32Modifying 2D Lists


A function is a block of code which only runs when it is called.

9 lessons — 1h 30mn
  • 41Functions Intro
  • 42Defining a Function
  • 43Calling a Function
  • 44Parameters & Arguments
  • 45Multiple Parameters
  • 46Argument Types - Default
  • 47Built-in Functions
  • 48Returns
  • 49Multiple Returns


A file containing a set of Python functions or code.

6 lessons — 35mn
  • 59Modules Intro
  • 60Using Modules
  • 61Modules Alias
  • 62Import Specific Modules
  • 63Standard Library - Random
  • 64Standard Library - Math Pi


Tuples are used to store multiple items in a single variable.

8 lessons — 45mn
  • 72Tuples Intro
  • 73Access Tuples
  • 74Update Tuples
  • 75Unpack Tuples
  • 76Loop Tuples
  • 77Join Tuples
  • 78Tuple Method - Count
  • 79Tuple Method - Index

Control Flow

Let's get started with some basic Python syntax. Click on a lesson below to start.

8 lessons — 45mn
  • 13Relational Operators I
  • 14Relational Operators II
  • 15If Statement
  • 16Elif Statement
  • 17Else Statement
  • 18Logical Operators: AND
  • 19Logical Operators: OR
  • 20Logical Operators: NOT


Loops let you repeat code over and over.

8 lessons — 50mn
  • 33Loops Intro
  • 34For Loops
  • 35For Loops - Range
  • 36While Loops Intro
  • 37While Loops: Lists
  • 38Loops: Break
  • 39Loops: Continue
  • 40Nested Loops


Sequences of characters are referred to as strings.

9 lessons — 45mn
  • 50Strings Intro
  • 51Strings Slice
  • 52Concatenating Strings
  • 53str() Function
  • 54String Length
  • 55Negative Indices
  • 56Escape Characters
  • 57Iterating Through Strings
  • 58Check String


Dictionaries are used to store data values in key value pairs.

7 lessons — 45mn
  • 65Dictionaries Intro
  • 66Creating Dictionaries
  • 67Empty Dictionary
  • 68Adding Keys
  • 69Add Multiple Keys
  • 70Overwrite Values
  • 71Dictionaries Loop


Sets are used to store multiple items in a single variable.

5 lessons — 40mn
  • 80Sets Intro
  • 81Access Set Items
  • 82Add Set Items
  • 83Remove Set Items
  • 84Join Set Items


A Class is a template for a data type.

6 lessons — 55mn
  • 85Classes Intro
  • 86Instantiation
  • 87Class Variables
  • 88Class Methods
  • 89Class Constructors
  • 90Class Inheritance

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